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Dinero is a new digital currency forked from DASH which enables anonymous instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Dinero uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. What is Dinero’s advantage over other cryptocurrencies? True decentralization. The pre-mined coins have been burned (made un-spendable), and no one address controls more than 4% of the total circulation. For proof, view the rich list.


“We want to enable everybody to easily conduct financial transactions with anybody they choose with ease, privacy and dignity without the need to involve or seek permission from third parties”


“To enable our users to prosper financially by providing a reliable decentralised financial services solution that is easy for everybody to use.”

Your finances are your own business, DINERO ensures your transaction history and balances are private.

Transactions are secured by a powerful and growing network of Miners and Masternodes located around the world.

Unlike banks, corporations or government controled institutions, DINERO is a community inititaive. It is run individually by every person who runs the wallet, owns some mining hash-power or runs a masternode.

The governance system will facilitate the community to submit proposals that they wish to see funded in their communities around the world and Masternode Owners will then have the option to vote on which of these proposals gets funded.

Scalable digital currency platform suitable for mass adoption

DINERO is free and open source software run on non-proprietary servers, so there’s no need to rely on any company for continuous support. Anyone can review or contribute to Dinero’s source code on GitHub (https://github.com/dinerocoin/dinero).

DINERO Coin Specs

The Premine has been burned

In the interests of decentralization, the whole amount of 2 million Dinero originally premined has been sent to an address without a private key. Check out the process that we used to generate the un-spendable address: https://github.com/dinerocoin/Dinero-Premine-Burn

A Wallet for Everyone

There are a variety of DINERO wallets to choose from. We have developed a range of full node wallets for all major desktop operating systems. A full node wallet enables you to maintain a complete copy of the Dinero blockchain on your own device, therefore allowing you to act as your own bank.

Additionally, we have a number of other wallet options including a web wallet and mobile wallets for Android and Apple iPhone (awaiting approval).

Download Dinero Wallet From the App Store

Get Started

Download the wallet and start using DINERO!


Want to get more details?

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