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DON’T FORGET: It is your responsibility to keep your nodes updated with the latest version of the daemon

and to keep your local QT wallet updated with the latest version. If your node is still on Protocol 70208

you may have noticed you are no longer receiving rewards. YOU MUST UPGRADE.


If you used the auto-install script on yur VPS any time after March 6th, you are fine. If your local wallet is not v1.0.1.1 you may as well upgrade because it’s easy.

Upgrade your local wallet: Backup wallet Close wallet Go to https://github.com/dinerocoin/dinero/releases Download and install the newest version Open wallet


Upgrade your VPS wallet:

wget https://github.com/dinerocoin/dinero/releases/download/v1.0.1.1/dinerocore-

tar -xzvf dinerocore-

dinerocore-1.0.1/bin/dinero-cli stop

dinerocore-1.0.1/bin/dinerod -daemon

dinerocore-1.0.1/bin/dinero-cli mnsync status
(wait until it says it's finished)

dinerocore-1.0.1/bin/dinero-cli getinfo
(to see which block you're at, etc) 

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