//Dinero Slogan Contest and Analytca.com launch

Dinero Slogan Contest and Analytca.com launch

The ANALYTCA platform is live!! What is ANALYTCA? Simply put, it’s a Social Hub for all-things blockchain. You will find crypto-related news and articles on BUZZ, educational material in the ANALYTCA Academy, charts and graphs on STATS, discussion forums and more. You will find HOWDY, which adds a social aspect to the site and loads of amazing free content is available to you, just one click away! https://analytca.com/

To celebrate the launch, ANALYTCA is hosting the DINERO Slogan Competition. Round one begins September 23rd, 2018 9 PM PST (GMT -6). In round 1, over 25,000 DIN will be awarded to those who come up with the best new slogan for DINERO. Just register on the ANALYTCA platform and follow the simple instructions at the link below. https://mission.analytca.com/dinero-slogan-contest-round-01/

Rules for the DINERO Slogan Contest 1st Round
– Participants need to be registered on ANALYTCA platform in advance or their submission will be voided
– Slogans should be short, 4 words or fewer recommended
– Suggested slogan should not be in use by any other party
– Slogan should not be an active trademark/ servicemark
– Slogans must be unique and original. In the event that two people selected the same winning slogan, only the first submitter is eligible to win the prize based on the timestamp of the submission.
– You should have a DINERO Wallet that accepts incoming funds to claim the prize

Benefits for Round 1:
– Receive 50 DIN upon registration on DINERO Slogan Contest (please make sure you enter your DINERO Wallet Address on the Get DINERO! tab)
– 100 DIN for 10 lucky participant each per day for 15 days. Total of 15,000 DIN!
– 1000 DIN each for 1st to 10th place (selected by DINERO Admin team). Total of 10,000 DIN!

Round 2 is when the community will choose the new slogan to be adopted by the coin. It will begin on October 13th, 2018 9PM PST (GMT -6). The total prize DIN for round 2 is over 32,500

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