Dinero Slogan Contest and Analytca.com launch

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The ANALYTCA platform is live!! What is ANALYTCA? Simply put, it's a Social Hub for all-things blockchain. You will find crypto-related news and articles on BUZZ, educational material in the ANALYTCA Academy, charts and graphs on STATS, discussion forums and more. You will find HOWDY, which adds a social aspect to the site and loads of [...]

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Atomic Swaps

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An atomic swap, sometimes referred to as atomic cross-chain trading, is an exchange of a cryptocurrency between two parties without the need for a third party. With so-called Hashed-Time Locked Contract (HTLC), both users can be confident that their business is safe. For example, Bob has 10 Dinero, and Amy has 2 Litecoins , if they [...]

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We are now listed on CoinMarketCap!

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There were tears of joy, we have finally made it! After two previous attempts and cancellations by cmc, the reasoning from CMC was we are not established enough, we finally managed to be listed so thanks to our strong community for the support and that they showed CMC that we are quite well established. We know [...]

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2 Million Premine Coin Burn

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    Dinero, a digital cryptocurrency forked from DASH, was launched with the objective to   provide regular consumers with an option to carry out personal transactions at an extremely low transaction fee. Dinero Coin didn't go down the conventional route of ICO or pre-selling to fund its project. Instead, it relied on generating 2 million [...]

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